Image: Jo Lyons Photography

Save Barton Park is an informal group of residents who are concerned about the relocation of a golf course to crown land and the former St George Football stadium.

We question the community benefits of relocating a golf course which will be used by a small handful of our community to an area that could be better used by the broader community.  

We believe our community has a right to expect that public land is maintained and/or remediated for public use. As Cooks Cove contains a fragile wetlands, any alteration to the area will potentially have a devastating impact on the flora and fauna.

We accept that the population of Sydney is growing and that local housing, education, transport and medical infrastructure needs to be developed. However, with an additional 10,000 residences planned for the Bayside Council area, it is critical that open public spaces such as Barton Park stay publically accessible to accommodate local population growth and ease pressure placed on existing public space in the Arncliffe/Rockdale area. 

We don't accept that a public golf course constitutes publically accessible open space, because locals and visitors would be prevented from using it for every-day activities such as walking dogs or playing with children.

Barton Park is Crown land that has been set aside for public recreation. We believe that this is what it should continue to be used for. With careful planning the wetlands could be improved and play areas and other amenities could be built, which would turn Barton Park into a local attraction.

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